Best Affiliate Programs

Tough times right now, Each one of us is looking for a job, a side hustle or some way to earn some cash.  For people, who have jobs, they are not even sure, how long they have it. It is best to keep your options open. Start a side business, which you can grow at own pace , if you have a job, or go all in, if you are looking to be a full time entrepreneur.

Here, I am compiling a list of Best-in-class Affiliate programs, which are reliable and proven in their model of effective affiliate marketing. One thing, I want to make clear here. If you think that just becoming an affiliate, you will start earning money, you are wrong. You have to put in hard work in and be consistent in your efforts .

Most of the affiliate programs would approve you, only if you have a website of your own. It’s not that tough, even if you don’t have it now. You have to buy a domain name and hosting plan. All this is mostly less that $25 per month. Most of the Web Hosts will let you build a working website for free. It’s simple drag and drop for simple website.  

If you are just putting the word out for your existing business and don’t need to add products to sell on your site,  you can start an affiliate business with less than $25 per month. Now that we are all set with the basics, let’s start with Best Affiliate Programs.

  1. Amazon  Affiliates 

Amazon Associates Program Affiliate: Review Products and Earn Huge Amazon Commissions Online Through Your Own Affiliate Website

  Let’s face it, Amazon is everywhere. Most of us, use amazon for one thing or other.  So, you can imagine the potential you can earn with Amazon Affiliates. Yes, you have to work hard to earn it. you have to drive traffic to your site. People need to visit your site and click on links or banners by Amazon. Like if you want BEST DEALS ON COMPUTERS and TABLETS



2. Semrush Affiliates

Your online business can’t survive in this cut throat competition  without SEO. Every Business needs SEO and SEM for being successful online and on social media. Semrush affiliates earn great commisions. So it’s a good option, if you are really looking to earn some serious money in commission.

They have good resources for affiliates  and they will approve you fast. 

3. Skimlinks 

If you are looking to monitize your website, look no further than skimlinks. Skimlinks has so many merchants associated with it, like Nike, Woot, Amazon, Olay, Samsung, Reebok and so on.

You will get so much variety of merchants with just one company. They have great helpful links, banners, affiliate links, link generators and so much more to help you.

It is free to join and companies pay you commissions from 7% up.


Flexoffers affiliate program gives you so much variety of merchants to choose from. You can create different text links, banner links of different shapes and sizes to fit the design of your website.

They pay good affiliate commissions. You can choose from one of the leading merchants in the industry to show on your website. 

There are electronics, clothes, beauty, travel and so many more merchants there. You can choose according to the theme of your website and incorporate those seemlessly in your website to earn good side income.

5. GrooveFunnels

One of the biggest things all entrepreneurs need today is marketing strategies and funnels. You can earn good referral money from Groovefunnels, while adding value to your business.

Best part for a limited time, they are offering it for free. You will get to learn how to build your business at Groovefunnels, also making money on the side.

You can create product funnels. You can connect custom domains with it. They will also provide unlimited hosting and bandwidth. You will get access to training videos and templates. Complete How to’s to create a killer landing page, that will truly convert clickers into clients.

You can make all kinds of banners, links and even landing pages with groove funnels. What are you waiting for.